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Ever wished you could teleport places instantly? Well, now you can.

Teleport is your own personal remote robot avatar. Leave it at your office, or home, to teleport in any time.



Teleport is a telepresence device with a difference: it has wheels.

Built with a Raspberry Pi Zero, speakers, microphone, wheels, and a camera, Teleport rocks. Literally. Blast tracks from its speakers, while scooting around your home from your laptop.

Use your phone or the web to move Teleport around the room. Tired of having to hold your phone to show remote people things? Annoyed by not being able to see what you need to remotely? Teleport fixes that. No more strained words of "left a bit, closer, too close" needed; simply zip yourself across the table with the arrow keys on your computer or phone on-screen joystick.

Teleport has a Stereo amplifier and speakers, so it doubles as a music player. With 32GB of expandable storage, full hour-long mixtapes and albums are stored locally on the device, ready to be played with a push of a button with no paired phone needed. Forget Bluetooth pairing, your music always plays instantly.

Teleport uses WiFi and websockets to communicate with your laptop or phone. From the same room, or across the world, it streams audio, video and lets your control it.


Out of the box, Teleport comes with the source code, which handles H264 hardware video encoding, microphone streaming with auto-boost to pick up voices across the room, motor control, and a websockets server and client. It broadcasts its own WiFi Access Point, and serves the web app for driving from phone or desktop, or connects to your home WiFi.


Teleport is available on hardware marketplace Tindie. So if you want to start video-conferencing with style and control, or simply want to hack on a Pi that already has sound input and output, grab yourself one before the second run sells out.

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Teleport is created by Teleport Connect, Inc. A U.S. company.

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